(VIDEO BELOW shows you how this device works) This new, skin care Ice Roller from Swiss-Ultimate Labs uses a special, micro-textured roller & cold therapy to gently soothe your facial skin, and reduce inflammation - leading to a more youthful appearance. Asian women have used Ice Therapy for centuries for smooth hydrated and clear skin. Now Swiss-Ultimate Labs has modernized this age old, proven treatment, with; the Ultimate Derma Ice Roller.

Previously, it was never easy to get the same amazing benefits from ice therapy (because the ice kept melting an making a wet mess!). Not to mention the painful freezing of your hands.


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Now, this all-in-one Ultimate Derma Ice Roller provides many benefits to your skin, without the mess and hassle of ice cubes. This high-tech roller;

  • reduces puffiness on face & eyes
  • supports collagen production for youthful elasticity

  • supports faster recovery from cosmetic procedures, including redness from derma rolling and chemical peels

  • helps give skin a radiant, youthful glow
  • helpful acne treatment helps to alleviate swelling & discomfort of acne breakouts

Please click the video, below, to see how this new, high-tech cooling Derma Ice Roller works to enhance your skin's appearance;

This handy new device (costs many times less than competing cooling therapy methods) is one of our top-selling items and these devices are receiving rave reviews from most users.


Two to three minutes of use in morning and evening on your face, can result in reducing puffiness while helping you get hydrated, more firm and refreshed skin. You must see noticeable improvement in reduced puffiness, boosted skin elasticity and enhanced skin tone, or 100% of your money back.


Place roller into freezer for the recommended period (see instructions that come with device) to cool it down.

Lightly touch the device to your face - start rolling. Device automatically cools and adjusts to the shape of your face, encouraging reduced inflammation and puffiness. Following the pattern in the included instructions, continue to roll each chosen area. Repeat, morning & evening before bedtime.

Facial clarity is increased, fine lines and puffiness can be visibly reduced. Try 100% RISK-FREE for 90-days. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - you just can't lose. DIRECT from manufacturer means you get the best value.

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