No painful needle treatments here! Swiss-Ultimate Serum contains a completely new, high-tech blend of ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Mixed with an extremely effective, highly concentrated blend of potent moisturizers from nature.

Our professional-grade European treatment is specially-designed for women and men who desire real results that work deep-down with your skin (not just short-term fixes). And are willing to follow treatment guidance for 30 to 60-days.

Because all-new, European technology is now straight out of the lab... allowing you to benefit from reduced appearance of your wrinkles... but without any needles, whatsoever. Instead, this new treatment is in the form of a special serum application you simply place under and around your eyes (once in the morning and once at night, before bedtime).

- Formulated with the high concentration ingredients (including Argireline & IlomaStat) - Organic Seaweed extract base (ensures even-distribution to your skin) - Advanced delivery system (patent-pending 100% airtight, no-needle syringe maintains freshness) - Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, within 3-5 minutes - Brings oxygen and additional nutrients to your eye area. Can also be used on other wrinkle-prone areas, such as the forehead & around the mouth - Involves no injections, ever - Contains no fragrance (so as to be non-irritating) - Can be used as a stand-alone application (or with other skin care products, as you choose)

FREE BONUS: Sonic-Infusion Skincare device, uses ultrasonic-vibration & micro-electric pulses to gently 'push' your treatments deeper). Makes treatments more effective.

Fully performance guaranteed within 90-days, or 100% of your money back. Please click the orange Add to Cart button now to take advantage of our guaranteed lowest, sale price!

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