Pure Lavender Essential Oils Pack Set

3ml/bottle Suitable for humidifier, atomizing spray, light incense fragrance lamp electronic vaporizer, etc.
Note: Product packaging is composed of 12 kinds of taste, because the product batch is different, there may be described outside type.
Tea tree:
1. Air: used in the clean air, odor elimination, deodorant, insect-resistant, let the tea tree essential oil spread to the air
2. Dandruff: it is recommended to use shampoo contains tea tree essential oil ingredients, before or after washing a hair not dry, drop 10 drops of tea tree oil on the scalp, but when daub, do not knead vigorously, and press
3. Bath: 5 to 7 drops tea tree essential oil in the bath or the bathtub
1, Pregnancy and child had better avoid to use essential oils.
2, Sensitive skin or body, a sensitive test before use, please.
3, Essential oil can't replace drugs
4, don't let the products into the mouth
5, the patient please use caution
Lavender: Suitable skin types: all type of skin
1. Anti acne:
Method 1, Dab a small amount of lavender essential oil, swab to nod besmear daub in severe acne, blain to imprint area;
Method 2, 1 drops lavender essential oil into 10 g cream/lotion/toner after mixing, apply adequate amount to the face every night
Method 3, Mix 1 drop of lavender essential oil in the mask, apply to face about 15 minutes
2. Face massage: 5 drops of lavender essential oil mixes + 10 cc base oil dilution, do facial massage for 15 minutes
3. Aromatherapy: In the water tank of humidification machine directly join 5-8 drops of essential oils, making essential oils with humidifying machine spray into the air
1. Avoid to be used during pregnancy
2. Placed in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight

Lemon: Lemon essential oil rich in vitamin C, especially for whitening, convergence, balance oil secretion, treatment of acne and oily skin symptoms
1. Aromatherapy
2.bath:In 35 degrees Celsius hot water into the 1 to 2 drops of lemon or 1 to 2 drops of lemon + 2 drops of geranium (with 3 ml milk dilution) for 20-30 minutes, can make your skin bright purify skin, prevent wrinkles
3. Hair care: Soak hair, reducing dandruff and make hair smooth. Lemon essential oil, 2 drops into the water, wash hair, soaks, about 5-10 minutes
4. Massage
1. Pregnancy and child had better avoid to use
2. Recommended to use in the evening
3. When use in the massage, concentration should be less than 1%

1. Aromatherapy: adding number of rose essential oil drops to the water with heating temperature water, make the essential oil in the air.
2. Skin care: When washing a face every day in the morning, put a drop of rose essential oil drops in warm water with a towel according to apply the facial skin, can delay aging, keep skin healthy and bright
3. Bath: add the number of rose essential oil drops hot pool, stir fully before entering the pool the water temperature control in 39 degree centigrade or so, need not too hot because of rose essential oil is not easy to dissolve in water, can add essential oils to first base oil, milk, honey, bath salts to mix with water

1, with 2 drops of essential oil of rosemary do hot compress can alleviate muscle pain in his back.
2, in the hot water into the 24 drops of rosemary essential oil used for suction method can relieve a cold nose.
3, joint inflammation, can make ice with four drops of essential oil of rosemary essential oil formula.
4, on the basis of 20 ml oil, add 8 drops of essential oil of rosemary for warm-up to prepare before the movement.
5, on the basis of 20 ml massage oil to add four drops of essential oil of rosemary and four drops of lavender essential oil can relieve muscle pain following strenuous exercise. Suitable for all skin type, Can be used directly to the skin Rosemary essential oil has a strong contraction, tighten sagging skin, also can alleviate congestion, swelling; Dandruff can be improved and stimulate hair growth Note: rosemary essential oil is highly irritating, not suitable for high blood pressure and epilepsy; Have menstruation effect, avoid to be used during pregnancy

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