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About the Product

Easy-to-use, "dolphin-tail" shaped multi-function anti-aging neck therapy device helps lift & tighten your neck: Why spend money on expensive visits to a professional cosmetician for neck treatment, when you can now do this yourself, at home? The tools they use are often the same, or not even half-as-good as good as ours!

- Lifts & tightens neck; restoring your skin's elasticity and increases the absorption and effectiveness of serums, moisturizers, and essential oils

- Relaxes and enhances neck skin appearance in weeks

- Essential beauty tool (with built-in auto-timer); works 3-ways (photon LED light therapy + heat energy + high-frequency massage). CORDLESS, with built-in AUTO-TIMER. Powerful photon therapy uses the natural healing power of light to treat numerous neck skin issues, utilizing the latest in LED & other technologies to ensure you get the best possible treatments

Works 3-ways to lift & tighten neck (photon LED light therapy + heat energy + high-frequency massage)

- 3 LED light color modes to enhance beauty;

- Blue Light Mode is anti-bacterial, helps tighten loose skin around your neck... and also assists in skin renewal (collagen synthesis)

- Green Light Mode helps fade age-spots, freckles, pigmentation and more...

- Red Light Mode is primarily for anti-aging... because it penetrates deepest into the skin approximately 8-10 mm, which stimulates fiber cells and the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles, helps make skin smoother and more elastic

- No Batteries Required: USB charging in cradle allows for hassle-free use, you'll never have to worry about replacements. Conveniently connect and charge the device with any standard USB charger, outlet, computer, or laptop

    This device uses three advanced technologies in one device; the same technology as expensive spa treatments costing hundreds of dollars per session. Heat energy, high-frequency massage, light therapy, with multi-selectable color light including; red (anti-aging), green (fades age spots / skin discoloration), blue (anti-bacterial for acne), pink (absorption of treatments) & more.

    Works both, above and below the surface of your skin to help; lift, tighten, reduce pore size and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne & more.

    This compact system also helps boost absorption of essential oils, serums & creams. 2-3 minutes of use in morning & evening on your face, when used with a quality hydrating cleanser results in firm & refreshed skin. Use for 10-minutes twice or three times a week for more extensive therapy and results.

    You must see noticeable improvement in your skin's elasticity, or 100% of your money back.

    PLUS: FREE shipping, when you order today!

    Apply favorite skincare treatment cream, serum, diluted essential oils or other chosen treatment. Select LED color desired; red (anti-aging), green (fades age spots / skin discoloration), blue (anti-bacterial for acne) and more.

    Lightly touch the device to your neck - device automatically adjusts and goes to work, encouraging absorption of the treatment into your skin, where it can work best. Following the massage pattern in the included instructions, continue to massage the area for recommended period.

    After 2-3 weeks or less, neck tone and tightness is increased, fine lines and puffiness can be visibly reduced. Try 100% RISK-FREE for 90-days. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - you just can't lose. DIRECT from manufacturer means you get the best value.

    REVIEWS of 'MyDolphin' Neck Care + Photon Therapy for Lifting & Tightening:

    Well worth getting!  by Debra G. - Oct 19, 2016
    These light units actually I can visibly see the results. Fine lines on my neck have reduced significantly, (truly!), color has evened & tone is improved. I also had a small sun spot which has faded to almost nil. I also found I can use the device elsewhere on face; the whiteheads I had on my forehead have slowly disappeared. I use it twice a week now & I do each color for many 2 minutes well as my neck. Its' a great unit & well worth getting!
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    Major improvement lines on forehead & neck! by ProCosmetician3- May 31, 2016
    I love this gadget!!! It works amazingly well. I have used it about a month and can tell a major improvement in the lines on my neck area!
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    Helps decrease double chin by a.deena formaggi - August 5, 2016

    Love this device. Bought 2 units (one for my sister). Aside from helping to get treatments to penetrate, it also tones neck, and décolleté. I use the red light, mostly. And green to reduce age spots. I notice my double chin not sagging as much. It massages and reduces double chin and jowls. My opinion of course.
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    Great value for the price by lilly D - 17 Sept, 2016

    I first saw this in a youtube video combined with the dermaroller therapy. I already had my dermaroller but I have firmly believed for the past 6 years or so that the light therapy gets results too. A GREAT value for the price. This is a nice device and easy to use.
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    Highly recommended by H. W. - July 28, 2016 
    I highly recommend this device! It is the best thing I have ever used and I have used A LOT of creams and devices over the years. I am 50 and my sister is 56 and we both saw dramatic results right away - skin tightening, firmness, fine lines fading, reduced puffiness, tighter jaw line - all the things you need when you are 50+! The results have not faded either, but we use it the recommended every 2 days. It is very simple to use - only takes 10 minutes.

    Only used blue light, so far... by J Orlando - Aug 15, 2016
    I have only used the blue light so far, for my acne. I will try the other colors (red, green) this week. But it really seems to be helping my skin.
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