Regular $59.87 ...37% OFF today in our Swiss Christmas Sale! Reduce the appearance of wrinkles in your sleep! No painful needle treatments here; MD-Direct Eye Serum contains a completely new, high-tech blend of high grade peptide infusion (including copper-peptide). With an extremely effective, highly concentrated blend of potent moisturizers from nature, including organic red & green seaweed extract for unbeatable moisture retention.

Many folks don't know this; copper has been used in medicine for hundreds of years, to help repair wounds and rejuvenate skin. When in contact with skin, copper ions are transferred to promote natural cell renewal. The use of copper in skin renewal is a secret that's scientifically & clinically proven.

Now, Swiss-Ultimate Labs has taken the proven benefits of copper peptides and brought them into a handy, time-released eye serum to help reduce these signs of aging; fine eye wrinkles, cows-feet, dark circles and more.

And for a LIMITED TIME, to enhance the effectiveness of this amazing rejuvenating copper peptide eye treatment we're giving away a 3-treatment pack of FREE gold peptide skin rejuvenating eye masks (regular retail $29.97). These eye masks enhance the effect of MD-Direct Eye Serum, because it combines the power of copper & gold to rejuvenate your skin.

- You get a 3-treatment pack of eye masks FREE today with your order of MD-Direct Eye Serum

- MD-Direct Eye Serum is formulated with the high concentration ingredients (including IlomaStat, a high-tech repair ingredient to help reduce fine lines and rejuvenate your skin)

- Gentle organic base (ensures even-distribution to your skin) - Advanced delivery system (patent-pending 100% airtight, no-needle syringe maintains effectiveness and quality)

- Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, within 3-5 minutes

- Helps to bring oxygen and additional nutrients to your eye area. Can also be used on other wrinkle-prone areas, such as the forehead and around the mouth

- Involves no injections, ever

- Contains no fragrance (so as to be non-irritating) - Can be used as a stand-alone application (or with other skin care products, as you choose)

The gold eye masks (regular retail $29.97) help you maintain youthful-looking skin whilst you relax. With a silky soft feel for sublime comfort, the innovative gold eye mask calms the mind and senses and has been clinically tested to visibly reduce signs of ageing, including the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet in just four weeks.

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