I love to make all sorts of face masks for myself. Yogurt, to amp-up probiotics. Avocado, pomegranate, honey - you name it!

But frankly, all homemade masks can be a little messy. Making them is fun, having them on your face is relaxing... but cleaning the sink afterwards? Not so much. That’s why these Korean recipe sheet masks are a godsend.

I was in Korea & came upon these amazing masks, so I ordered one-hundred sets. The supplier sent us one THOUSAND sets (there must have been an extra 'zero' somewhere on the page!). Anyway, no problem, I thought - I'll just make these available in a sale, at 50% off the regular price.

There are 10 masks in a set, and I'm ready to send you all TEN of these amazing face masks, together with FREE shipping. This means each mask costs only $5.99!

Here's how to use them;

1. Clean your skin, with a gentle cleanser (doing this right after a shower works great)....

2. Remove the mask from the pack - place the white pearl film outwards, and place the mask on your face

3. Press down to apply the mask, lightly securing it on your face

4. Relax for 15-20 minutes, with the mask on your face, gently working-away

5. Remove the mask, then pat with a towel or pad to absorb any excess essence

Rice Mask; rice contains a substance named GABA that has the effect of reducing triglyceride in the skin, helps keep your skin clear & energized.

Olive Mask; the fresh sheet-type mask containing Olive extracts to whiten rough and dry skin clearly and brightly adheres to the skin, so that the skin texture needs to be moisturized can be freshened and tightened without stickiness.


Snail Hydrogel Mask; moist snail hydrogel extract quickly delivers moisture and natural minerals to tired & sensitive skin, soothes skin irritation, help in prove to silky skin.

This snail hydrogel mask is uniquely manufactured from 100% natural snail extract, which contains natural anti-aging properties. Melts within the skin to enhance and keep it moisturized.

Nourishes, to bring out a natural radiance to the skin. Snail mask adds nutrition to your skin layers, helping to reduce the signs of aging, providing a younger, healthier look.

Aloe Mask; aloe is excellent hydrating effect of aloe will leave dry, tired skin looking smooth & vibrant. This hypoallergenic mask will provide a soothing comfort for your skin.


Blueberry Mask; blueberry provides rich nourishment and elasticity. It creates a smooth moisturizing barrier for healthier, radiant skin.

Pomegranate Mask; with its incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and ability to encourage radiant skin.

Pomegranate has been incorporated into skin care; especially anti-aging & sun care products. Helps with a number of skin care issues, including; dry skin, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne flare-ups and acne scars. Pomegranate nourishes and leaves your face fresh. Provides rough, tired skin with pleasant softness and resilience.

Honey Mask; propolis honey extract has ample of amino acid and minerals for nutrition, moisturizing dry skin to become moist and healthy.

Seaweed Mask; natural seaweed helps to minimize facial pores, purges toxins, leaving your complexion fresh & pure. Seaweed will also nourish your skin with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

The high concentration of Vitamin C in this seaweed mask will repair damaged skin, restore elasticity and strengthen cellular structure.

Rose Mask; rose is a popular ingredient in skin care. Extracts of this delicate flower may be used on all skin types but are often included in products for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Moisturizes dry skin & can help refine skin texture

This mask contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants, rose extracts have excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin, helping refine skin texture.

Hyaluronic Acid Mask; this mask contains Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) with excellent water storage capabilities, providing rich moisture to keep skin perfectly moist everyday.

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There are 10 masks in a set, and I'm ready to send you the set - all TEN of these amazing face masks, together with FREE shipping. Please click the green Add to cart button, to get started!


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