This beautiful, handy (and hot!) premium food-grade stainless-steel thermal coffee mug is guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for up to 6 hours!


Comes with a tight-fitting lid, so you can drive to work with it in your bag or in your car.

Made of BPA-free materials, will not stain, corrode, rust or leech chemicals into your coffee. This attention-getting 9.4oz (280mL) thermal mug comes in five beautiful colors; blue, pink, white, purple and champagne.








 The all-metal inner, stays clean while the thermal outer keeps your coffee HOT.

A wide-mouth thermal mug, made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, so your coffee stays fresh-tasting as long as you desire...


The inner shell is incredibly strong, the outer is unbreakable material and dishwasher-safe...


I love this thermal mug!  by Debra G. - March 14, 2016
Keeps my morning coffee hot, all morning long! Love it and recommend it to any coffee or tea-lover.
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 Finally, I don't have to buy expensive coffee at work, any more by Rick Sleeman - November 30, 2016   
I really love this product. I used to have to buy coffee downstairs at Starbucks. Now I make it at home and bring with me. My co-workers all ask me where I got it. I'm giving three to my friends for Xmas.
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  Amazing value by lisette acosta - April 13, 2016

 I've seen these in stores near me for over $35. I found this from Swiss-Ultimate Labs online and bought two. It works great, for coffee, tea or anything you want to keep hot.

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  Why did I wait so long? by m.carlota mandes - August 5, 2016
Love this item. Bought 2 of these, one for home and one for work. Use them all the time. Will never use a china mug again. Just my opinion, of course.
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Just received this product by Anita. H. - July 28, 2016
I just received this mug and so I am not sure how I really feel about it just yet. I've only used it twice and both times it got the job done. I got a pink one and many co-workers as me where I got mine. According to the other reviews it really does well, so far, it's working out.

Amazing Product & Service! by E Ellison - March 29, 2016
This amazing thermal mug allows me to leave my desk and still come back to hot coffee. Will definitely be buying more of these here! Delivery was fast and efficient. Love it!
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